Start your own Business


We would like to start giving back by affording people the opportunity of starting their own business. We will teach you the skills we believe will help you to start.
In our soap making classes we will teach you how to make the following products:

Bath Salts
Bubble Bath
Liquid Hand Soap
Mineral Oil Salt Scrubs
Room & Linen Fresheners
Shower Gels

You will be given all the contacts where to buy your materials, perfumes and packaging.
You will be taught on how to work out formulation costings and you will also be coached on different areas to venture into.
With these soap making skills you will now be the manufactures of your own products.
You can create and grow your own brand.
You can manufacture for people that come and buy from you and resell.
You can sell your products to Spa’s, hotels, guest houses.

If you own a Guest house or Spa you can develop your own signature brand.
Be in control of developing your unique brand, colour, fragrance and design.
It’s the extra care that keeps your clients coming back!
How very special would it be if everything was designed with them in mind?
Not only will you be able to make all your own soaps,
but we will assist in gifting ideas where you can make them a little something
special to remind them of their stay with you.

If you are in the gifting industry you can now manufacture your own quality soaps and turn them into beautiful gifts that you can sell to the promotional, corporate and wholesale industry.
If this idea speaks to your creative side you can even start your own gifting company where you specialize in corporate gifts for exclusive clients.

Course Price, Information, Time & Duration.
This is a one day course.
The course runs every second Friday
A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 people per class.
Course cost R3000.00 per person
1 person = R3000.00
2 people =R5700.00
No refunds if you miss a class.
Unless it is rescheduled two weeks in advance.
Course starts at 9.30am and ends at 4pm
Tea and Coffee will be provided
Students will be entitled to take the product home that they made during training.

Terms & Conditions.

You will have to buy a 1 year loyalty membership from the company. This entitles you to purchase raw materials from our factory for the next year. Chemical raw materials are sold in 210 Litres and bigger pack sizes, so this makes it difficult for small business to buy such large quantities. Your loyalty membership allows you to purchase small pack sizes that are manageable to your pocket. Your membership also entitles you to ongoing technical support which means you can call into the office for telephonic support, or arrange meeting for any backup, refresher or any correctional support you may need.
The loyalty membership is R200.00 per month, which will be debited from your account monthly.