Naughty Products

Naughty Products

Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Cleaner

Multi purpose cleaner will clean anything and everything with minimal effort, from your car’s
engine and mag wheels to your upholstery and carpets
Tuti Fruity fragrance


Car Shampoo and Shine

Car shampoo and shine will leave a brilliant shine on your paintwork, our secrete ingredients
ensure you do not have to use polishes or waxes to enhance the original color. Will not streak
or leave residue on your vehicle. The naughty fragrance will ensure you enjoy the washing experience!
Malabar Fragrance


Wash me baby bubble bath

Wash me baby bubble bath is especially for YOU! Enjoy your naughty potion that has been designed
with your pleasure in mind… Can also be used in the jacuzzi or for foam parties…the naughtier… the better!!!!


Tyre and dash shine

Tyre dash and shine must be used on cl;ean dry tyres to add that “just new” look to your tyres.
Our perfected formulation guarantees the perfect shine, without attracting dirt or dust.
Wipe your dashboard for a “fresh new” look, at the same time engulfing your vehicle with
tropical Pina Colada scent ensuring a de-stressfull journey!