Liquid Gold

Chemitique Liquid Gold Cleaning Products

We are a chemical manufacturing company that specializes in the mining and motor industry. We also assist in
product development for all our customers. Our wide range of chemicals which include detergents, degreasers,
washing powders, all household cleaning products and specializing in car cleaning products. We cater to a number
of industries which include mining, automotive, hospitals, cleaning companies and many more.
Chemitique supplies the best quality cleaning products, providing our services to the mining industry and much more, we manufacture our own industrial cleaning products for various industries.

Chemitique Liquid Gold is our pride & joy. “Liquid Gold” was formulated to out-perform any and all competitors!
These are all our original formulations that the company was built on. Our formulations have never been
changed or altered in any way. Consistency and perfection is a guarantee!

Our contracts with the largest mining houses in South Africa prove that not only do we boast the best
products at the best prices, but the service to back up major contracts.

This mixture of quality, pricing and outstanding service is our winning combination!

We have a great range of laundry care products to suit your needs, from a selection of laundry powders, liquids,
bleach, fabric softeners and much more cleaning products. Try our Disinfectant Washing Powder to experience
groundbreaking technology!

We are the market leaders in the bussing industry and have supplied this industry for the last seventeen years.
Our reputation, dedication and innovation in this field has secured the majority of this sector.
Not only do we supply the most prestigious bus companies, but many rural as well.

The dirtier the better, we welcome all challenges!Contact Us today